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Imagine rushing back home after a tiring day at work and then sliding into your massage chair. As you turn it on, it gently massages your shoulders while its robotic arms rub your back to pamper your body the best way possible. And then unexpectedly it breaks down or starts causing more pain than pleasure. Even the very thought of it is horrifying, isn’t it? That’s why choosing the right massager chair is very important for you.

So, let’s begin with the must-haves in a massage chair. The features that make a massager chair, the complete massager chair –
1. Airbags – A massage chair without airbags isn’t a massager chair. Providing a compression massage, as opposed to the kneading, rolling, or tapping motions provided by rollers, Airbags stimulate the massaging techniques by rapidly stretching and compressing themselves. Hence, the more airbags a massage chair has, the more relaxing your experiences would be.

2. S&L Track System (Roller tracks) – If a massager chair has S&L Track Systems, then it’s a must-buy for you. While S-track is the roller track that does deeper massage on the neck and lower back where more curvature has than just straight up and down track, L track is the extended version of the S track but with a straight track from head to the lower back. So, for a complete body massage, look for S&L Track Systems in your massage chair.

3. Rollers – Types of rollers play a vital role in choosing the right massage chair for you. While 2D rollers, the oldest technology, move in 2 dimensions i.e., up and down along the length of the back, and side to side across the width of the back, the 3D Rollers can also protrude in/out. This additional dimension makes 3D rollers capable of performing deep tissue massage. But now we also have 4D Rollers, the most technologically advanced roller system you can find on a massage chair. 4D rollers are the exact same as 3D, but with one major difference: roller speed control is automatic in a 4D system.

4. Massaging Techniques – You must look for the technologies your massage chair possesses before swiping your card. A few important techniques are
Shiatsu, known as the ‘finger pressure’ massage technique, applies pressure to the same points as used in acupuncture.
Rolling is achieved by fitting rollers at the back of the massage chair to apply even pressure with the intention of warming and loosening the muscles.
Tapping strokes alternate and provide for the release of tension and soreness in the muscles while stimulating blood circulation.
Kneading relieves body soreness and tension by stretching and lifting muscles, while it improves blood circulation and clears out toxins.

While these must-haves complete a massage chair, it is always better to top it with a few conveniences like MP3 support, memory slots that allow you to program and save your favorite massage settings, LED lights, a glass holder, and much more.
So go ahead, find the one massage chair from the arsenal of Robocura that suits you the best and give your body the comfort it deserves.


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