FAQ Related to Massage Chair

1. What features are important to look for when purchasing a massage chair?

Due to a busy, hectic & stressful lifestyle, one requires an effective apparatus which can give complete relaxation to body & mind. And there is nothing better than treating yourself to a soothing & pampering massage session. Thinking of a massage session, you may either opt for spas or own a massage chair which can take away your pain & stress. 

 Unlike the simple vibrators in the early stage of massage chairs, the mechanisms in quality chairs manufactured today to allow them to accurately mimic a human massage. Nowadays massage chairs use a combination of rollers and airbags to precisely perform various techniques of massage for complete effective relaxation.

Features like cost, roller intensities (2D, 3D, 4D), size of the chair, automatic programs, after-sales support are some of the important features which should be kept in mind while purchasing a massage chair.


2. How much time should you use a massage chair for?

Since massage chairs work on different body parts at the same time, you only require about 20 minutes of massage. Any longer may cause unnecessary stress on your muscles & in some cases even cause pain the next day if you are not used to massages.


3. What types of massages do massage chairs come with?

Massage chairs nowadays offer numerous massage options which include rollers, airbags, heat therapy, zero gravity massage, etc. Rollers offer multiple massage techniques like Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, etc. for the back and a complete acupressure massage for the foot. 

 Airbags are another way to incorporate them into your massage chair. Generally, they will be located in the body’s areas where rollers cannot be applied such as shoulder, arms, knees, calves & thighs.


4. Are these products medically approved? Do they have any medical benefits?

These products are based on ancient principles of acupressure points. The study has shown that there many benefits of acupressure massage and it is widely accepted as an alternative therapy. The benefits of acupressure therapy as reported are preventive in nature as well as curative. 

 Robotic massage products are preventive in nature and provide a host of benefits in terms of immediate pain relief, muscle soreness & stiffness relief, improved blood circulation, increased flexibility, better posture, reduced stress level, better breathing, and better sleep.


5. What is a Zero-Gravity feature in massage chairs?

Zero gravity is a technology that was created by NASA to help astronauts to cope with the stress of gravity. This technique places your body in a more comfortable position through equal distribution of body weight thus taking off the pressure on the spine. 

Massaging in Zero-Gravity allows for a deeper, intense massage resulting in empowering stiff & sore back muscles, improved blood circulation, better posture.


6. How much space for a massage chair is required?

Depending on the size of the massage chair, the space required for the massage chair varies from 2.5*4.5 ft. up to 3*6*5.6 ft. ………. Missing measurements


7. Will I face any difficulty in the delivery of the message chairs at my place/outstations?

Massage chairs are easily shipped by the company. Once you buy from the company, the company will take the whole responsibility of delivering the massage chair to you from the company’s warehouse.


8. How much power does a massage chair consume?

Massage chairs use on average between 100 watts to 200 watts, depending on the brand and the massage chair that is selected. Their power is not as much as a refrigerator uses but definitely similar to a computer.


9. What will be the maintenance cost/average life of the massage chair?

Being an importer, we offer value for money products to our valuable customers. We keep a strict check-in using quality spare and electrical parts which ultimately result in low maintenance for our products. Too, we keep a stock of required spare parts at a reasonable price for any service requirement of our customers. 

Contact details of the service center and necessary warranty information are being supplied with each and every product sold through product manuals. The average life of a massage chair is 5 years depending upon usage.