How does Robocura Massage Chair Works

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Relaxing after a long day can be tough no matter how badly you need it.

How about a smart technology Robocura Massage Chairs.

Robocura Massage Chair alleviates the stress of everyday life by relaxing your body when you cannot have a human massage therapist. Different manufacturers use different designs and mechanisms, however, a few techniques are standard across most chairs.

Robocura massage chairs work using vibration motors. These motors have a weighted wheel or gear and when it spins it creates a vibration, which helps to provide a massage to your muscles. It uses rollers that move in defined patterns within the chair’s frame. These rollers are designed to simulate the movement of human hands on different muscles. The rollers move in multiple directions or even in circles. These rollers are usually applied only to the person’s back, as they are designed to run along predefined paths. Airbags are stored in the arms and other motors that tap or press into specific parts of the body. The airbags inflate and deflate to squeeze the arms and legs gently, while the motors can create a tapping sensation similar to the ‘karate chop’ massage technique. Massage chairs use several rollers, shaking pads, and hydraulic/pneumatic compressors to stimulate our muscles. 

Robocura provides multiple technologies to choose 3D Massage Chairs, L-Track Massage Chairs, Zero Gravity Massage Chairs, 4D Massage Chairs, and Shiatsu Massage Chairs, all of which have their own specific working procedure. 

Robocura brought all of these technologies together at your service as your very own robotic masseur.

Foot Roller Massager massages the foot relaxing the foot as well as the complete body. All you need to do is lay yourself on the comfortable recliner and switch it on. It would offer your body the most soothing touch of massages with no extra effort.

These massage chairs are also available in your easily fit budget.  Visit  to view the huge list of high-quality massage chairs, sorted by features and prices. Different chair designs accomplish each massage feature uniquely.

All this intelligent technology hidden inside a glamorous chair that anybody would love to flaunt in their household. 

Massage Chair is a Sanity & not a Vanity. Choose the perfect one as per your needs, get free shipping and live a Healthy Long Life. 

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