How to choose the best massage chair

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No wonder massage chairs are very beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing and all of them serve in a different way.

Now before purchasing a Massage Chair we are in a dilemma of what is must & important and what can be ignored. Features are must for ultimate benefits. What should be the approximate & justified cost and maintenance or after sales service.

These are a few obvious queries or doubts that make rounds in mind before purchasing a massage chair. Therefore we need to look for several things before actually going ahead and purchasing one.

The fact is, massage chairs are an expensive product to purchase. Therefore, one prefers to make an informed decision before spending such a kind of money. The massive variety available in the market makes it an overwhelming experience


The bracket cost to purchase a multi-purpose massage chair is between 1.5 lac to 5 lacs, no doubt a hefty amount for a middle class person. This cost depends on the features, style, appearance, the material used, type, and brand equity.
High-end brands accompany numerous high-tech features, top-notch upholstery, decorative appearance, heating wand, airbags, Bluetooth, and music player, come with a price tag of .5lacs and above.
Cut out the features that you don’t need, and it is going to reduce the price for you.
For example, if you’re purchasing for the sake of relaxation, you can get Robocura Regal that won’t cost you more than 1 lac.
One amazing Robocura massage chair that offers incredible features and pocket-friendly is Regal, try for a Real Relax Full-Body Shiatsu Massage.


For features, different massage chairs bring along various characteristics that distinguish them from each other. From zero gravity to Shiatsu and Swedish, each one of them is significantly different from the other in terms of their working and results.
For example, a zero gravity chair provides you with a full-body massage at a zero gravity position where you feel minimal to no bodyweight. Whereas, a Shiatsu chair works by targeting the pressure points of your body while Swedish involves mild to moderate kneading.
Trying a few types of massage chairs before finally going ahead and buying one should be a good decision. A multi-purpose massage chair caters to numerous parts of your body. Always consider why you need a massage therapy and purchase a massage chair that addresses those areas in particular.
For example, backaches get a Robocura Adore zero-gravity Shiatsu massage chair.


As previously mentioned, owning one isn’t a light investment financially. . Therefore, durability or ensuring the life of the product is very essential. It goes without saying that it is a piece of tech with many computerized components and moving parts as well as wiring, so anything can stop working at any given time. Therefore Robocura provides a service support warranty for the product which is very important.
Once the man-machine is purchased it definitely will be frequently used. A quality brand is something that will prove itself. It doesn’t and should not matter if it costs a little more, but compromise on the quality is a big NO. Robocura is an excellent choice.

In a nutshell, purchasing a massage chair may seem like one hell of a task, but Robocura makes it a cake walk by providing quality products at a justified price range and EMIs. Make sure to keep the pointers and you will be good to go for years to come.

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