Minilux Back Massager

Gives you the choice of 5 massage techniques – Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu & Rocking to give you a refreshing massage for your complete back.
In kneading the machine uses massage techniques in which pressure is applied to superficial and deep tissues. This is a common technique that is used to increase flexibility and decrease pain.
The hands of the massage machine are poised over the area to be worked on while loose and relaxed.

Finger-like massage knobs – It doesn’t get more personal than this anymore. Soft silicone encases the rollers to create a human finger-like touch and a massage that rivals the real thing. This can feel very relaxing and rejuvenating to your body that removes all the soreness from your body. The muscles are relaxed.

Longer Massage Track – More Coverage: Though compact, Minilux doesn’t compromise on the massage. With a longer track, enjoy 12% more back coverage. This helps in covering every single area possible, which makes you feel fresh.

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