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Dumbbells (5 Kgs)

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Fitness equipment

  • Components Contain : Couple of 5 kg Rubber Coated Rounded dumbbells
  • Helps To Burn Fat And Give You A Shapely Fit Body, Use According To Your Strength For The Upper Body & The Lower Body Key Product Features
  • The Round Heads Will Help You For Doing Perfect Triceps Extensions , Helps In target The Specific Muscle Group Key Product Features
  • The Surface Area Will Create A Comfortable Place For Your Hand To Do Workout Well, Full Body Functional And Build Muscle Faster Key Product Features
  • Perfectly Ready For Isolation , Material : Rubber, Color : Black , Size: Length-23.5Cm, Width: 28Cm, Height:14Cm Weight:10Kg
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Robocura is now also dealing with fitness and presents Dumbbells which are economical, freeloads that help with leading different sorts of wellbeing practices for a person’s improvement of wellbeing. Dumbbells training relies upon the heaviness of the free weight, the movement of the exercise, and the number of redundancies of a specific exercise you do. This causes us with cardiovascular wellness, consuming calories, and expanding bulk or perseverance for different games.


Dumbbells can be utilized to make an aerobatic exercise step intended to assist us with consuming more calories by expanding our pulse. aerobics activities matched with free weights help in the deficiency of weight and decrease the danger of diabetes, strokes, heart infections, hypertension, and so on This sort of exercise helps in weight reduction or consuming calories as well as in picking up the bulk, expanding muscle perseverance, and improving muscle strength.

Additional information

Weight 194 kg
Dimensions 190 × 82 × 92 cm


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