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Smart Knee

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Knee & Foot Reflexologist

  • Air bag massage.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Recheargable.
  • Easy to carry/ Portable.
  • Omni directional massage.
  • Heating & Vibration.
  • Promotes healthy knees.
  • Removal cloth for easy cleaning.
  • Easy control interface.
  • Intelligence mobile holder.
  • Can manage your Calf, Feet, Thighs, & Arms.
  • One year warranty and AMC Available upto life time.
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Smart Massager for Whole body


Robocura smart knee wireless massager for arms, calf, foot & knee pain relief is the latest INNOVATION life-improving factor, then you would love our knee massager. It has multiple massage programs. It designed not only for knee also for arms, foot, calf, and leg care massage through air compression, heating therapy & vibration, but people would also greatly benefit from the unit’s relaxation.


A newly designed foot, calf, and leg massager that offers intense massage for foot, calf, ankle, toe, knee, and thigh. The design is based on feet reflexology. The massager targets the main acupressure points located on your feet. For knee and thigh, it offers heat therapy. Foot, calf, and leg massager will soothe your sore muscles & will rejuvenate your calves, ankles and feet, and knee. It improves blood circulation to revitalize tried leg & offers instant relief from aches. A detachable fabric cover with zipping makes it easy to clean.

Additional information

Weight 194 kg
Dimensions 190 × 82 × 92 cm


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