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Our purpose keeps us focused and responsible, our vision motivates us, and our values determine how successful we are.

To better understand HOW we differ, we welcome you to read our story…


To begin, ‘Robocura’ is a mixture of the words ‘Robo’ which means robotic, and ‘Cura’ which means cure. When we combine these phrases, we get “Robotic Care,” which is the overall concept of this company. We create robotic massage items that may be used in the comfort of your own home.

We entered the market in 2016 with this concept and haven’t looked back since. Throughout the voyage, we concentrated completely on enhancing product quality while extending the product selection for every application.

Currently, Robocura offers a wide range of products from as small as a massage pillow (smart pad) to a full-body massage chair. While in the process of expanding our inventory to deliver massage products for every need, we never compromised on the quality of the products because, for us, the customer comes first. 

From the very first day to now, we still aim for the same thing, “Customer Satisfaction” and we will keep chasing this dream forever. We’ve seen many customers who thought they didn’t need a massage chair to end up recommending us to their friends and family.

The happy experiences our customers tell us, as well as the faith they place in us by recommending Robocura to their loved ones, are what keep us going.

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