Detachable Foot Massager

The two automatic programs of Cosset Xe are carefully adjusted according to traditional acupressure principles. Massage programs comprise rolling, shiatsu, air pressure, heat & vibrations.
This machine gives a 3D airbags massage around your calves which relaxes & soothes your frazzled nerves & muscles. The relaxation it gives to your legs is on another level.

Vibrating Stepper helps you to tone and shape your calves for beautiful legs.
Cosset Xe comes with dual operating panels which allows you to get a foot & calf massage by opening the cover, and once you fold it down you can still get a foot massage. By walking from day to night your legs feel tired and your muscles feel sore, this problem can only be solved by relaxing your muscles and making them feel comfortable. Robocura foot massager is the key to your tired legs. These machines are really helpful to circulate your blood flow to making your legs more active.

Daily work can be very tiring and stressful, the only alternate it has is a good massage system. The covers that are used are detachable & washable: The covers are detachable and can be opened up for cleaning by just opening the zippers. That makes it really convenient to use.

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