Treat Your Feet with a Foot & Leg Massager

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What is a Foot Massager?
A machine that is used to massage the feet is a Foot Massager.
Robocura Cosset and Cosset XE are dedicated robotic machines for Foot Care.
A few minutes of daily massage keeps your feet strong, flexible and healthy. Foot massage is recommended in medical practices for improving a person’s well-being.
Everyday our feet handle a lot of work and stress and the most neglected part of our body. It has less blood circulation due to the long distance heart as compared to other parts of the body. A technical good foot massage deals with stressed stiff muscles and poor blood circulation.

With that being said, one should know the message should be technically correct. There are pressure points present in the feet, and pressing those points correctly for healing many health ailments.
Foot massage is one of the ancient practices to deal with arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, anxiety and several others. Modern medical practices and scientific studies are promoting reflexology.

Massage includes applying calculated pressure on some acupressure points present on the feet, which are end points of specific nerves that are connected to vital organs. The stimulation of these nerve points naturally acts to heal or repair itself.

Definitely getting a foot massage daily from a therapist will be expensive, it’s always intelligent to invest in a foot massager.

The principle working of foot massager is – targeting pressure points which will help in relaxing the feet and also improve overall physical and mental well-being. After using a foot massager for 10 minutes daily, you will experience improved mood, reduced anxiety, lowered blood pressure and several others. A foot massager also has several health benefits that include reducing migraines, headaches, arthritis, improves liver function, improves blood circulation, nerve sensitivity and several others.
It is important to consider the massaging action because it has a direct impact on the effects of the massage.

Here are some of the common massaging modes available in Robocura Cosset and Cosset XE massagers.

Vibration: Loosening up the muscles.
Kheading: Deeper impact on the muscles and calves
Shitasu: Hand massage experience for people having hectic modern day lifestyles.
Compression: Relaxation and rejuvenation of muscles.
Infrared Rays: Penetrates into the muscles deeply to provide relief and other health benefits.
Rolling: Constant pressure to warm and loosen up the muscles, providing a deeper massage.
Percussion: Releases muscle tensions to provide maximum comfort, perfect for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

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